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is an event planning firm providing planning,

designing and coordination of your special occasion.


Paying attention to every request and dream is what we practice and making sure all of them come to fruition.


As featured in:


“My wedding was absolutely amazing. While I was taking photos, running around with camera men, etc; Beautiful Mountain Events took care of everything. If there was anything that I forgot, Beautiful Mountain Events was there, answering questions to the best of their ability. This wedding was so wonderful to where the New York Times did an article about it, and the producers for TLC's Four Weddings were happy to see such great professionalism and support. It was a wonderful day and it could not have been any better. Thank you for giving your best, doing your best and showing everyone just how much you love to do what you do!!! I am a lucky bride!!! And lets not even begin to talk about the decorations!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!”


​Colleen & Isreal

Budgeting and why it's so important

When most couples start the planning process they have these dreams of what they want. 


Maybe you've seen some amazing decor on Instagram, and you just must have it.  Maybe you've been following the work of an amazing photographer, and have already made up in your mind that you're going to book them. But did you take into account what all of that might cost you, and can you afford it?

Let's plan an event

you'll never forget!

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