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Budgeting & Why it's so important!

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

When most couples start the planning process they have these dreams of what they want.  Maybe you've seen some amazing decor on Instagram, and you just must have it.  Maybe you've been following the work of an amazing photographer, and have already made up in your mind that you're going to book them. But did you take into account what all of that might cost you, and can you afford it?

I encourage all my couples to share with me their vision.  Of course that's the only way I can plan a wedding tailored to you.  However, alot of couples fail to realize how important budgets are and how to marry your budget and your vision.  Budgets keep you on track during your wedding planning process. 

  The decor you saw on Instagram might start at $50,000 and the photographer starts at $6,000.  These prices might be out of reach for the average bride.  This is where your budget planning comes into play.

First, it's very important to decide how much money you have to work with.  You don't want to plan to book all these vendors that your budget can’t pay for.  So sit down and discuss what a comfortable amount you both want to spend is.  Remember you have to live afterwards, but that's another blog topic for another time...

Once you decide what you can spend, it's time to sit with a planner.  A very common problem that alot of couples face is they just aren't aware of what things cost, and planning a budget blindly will leave you disappointed.  To no fault of yours, most couples are naive to what weddings cost. Catering Halls are charging upwards of $110 a plate on a weeknight, $250 on the weekends, so knowing some of that information will help you plan for the day you want. 

First things first, book a consultation with a planner to discuss your budget, vision and educate yourself on what halls and vendors actually cost. Planners can let you know what the going rate is for all the services you need.  They can also help you find the venue that fits your vision and budget. They help you figure out if your budget calls for high end or low end, or somewhere in the middle. 

Once you know, you can then budget for what you want.  If your budget doesn't fit all your dreams, you then either have to figure out what you're willing to forgo, or raise the budget.  That's the good thing, just because you set a budget doesn't mean you can’t go over, if more is available; but it helps you get a feel of where you are financially so you're not overspending. Happy planning!

Stay Beautiful!

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